Corona-virus or Chinese Virus ? Beware of dragon !

Corona-virus or Chinese Virus ? Beware of dragon !
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No Doubt, Dragon is mother of this so called Chinese virus or Covid-19 (corona virus). But never claimed on its own son in front of the world. This non acceptance of its own blood seems suspected in either way. This may be a strong strategy of Beijing to dominant world economy. China seems dreaming to dictate on world by hook or by crook. He uses every bit of its pre-planned attacks which is never direct but affect whole world in either way. Imperialism had been always a final aim of this country. World had seen many incidents where China was proved a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Overall diplomacy and other way seems no effect on this Asian giant. Now world’s factory is just showing smile on its cunning face. But now cover from face is detached and truth is crystal clear to the world now. Leading countries are coming out of shock and changing their strategy based on dragon. No one is going to believe this culprit again.

At one hand, world is addicted to Chinese product in their basic necessities which is cheaper and non durable. But, on the other hand they got a un-desirable and long lasting Covid-19, corona virus. It seems a byproduct which was delivered by Beijing along with other products. So, we can say that this world’s factory really produces amazing product which makes people crazy and addicted.

Dragon’s policy and behaviour

chinese virus

Dragon might have a beautiful face and design but spits fire in action, so this point must be considered while dealing with this Asian giant. In fact we have seen live example when almost whole world leading countries put their full strength to dominant Dragon but no improvement in approach could be seen.

USA president, Mr. Donald Trump had named it Chinese virus. Be it India, Japan, USA, Australia, European countries along with UK are making a major changes in foreign policy to deal with China.

In cyber world, it is noted that cyber attacks are increased suddenly after Dragon is pointed out for these actions.

Beijing make a good diversion to engage its neighboring countries in military action. Now we can see the result that COVID-19 is out of world breaking NEWS. In fact, this Chinese virus (corona) is becoming part of daily life as all have to accept it anyhow.

So, if we conclude the whole scenario, we get that Dragon have no moral value in its blood, it might turn according to wind direction.

Beware of chinese product and itself !

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