Ban Chinese Apps and product : 59 Apps including Tik Tok

Ban Chinese Apps and product : 59 Apps including Tik Tok
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Now New Delhi had taken a front foot step and really make Dragon Crazy. As a bold step, Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps in which Tik Tok was a major contributor. It might not play a significant role in China’s economy but it lost a easy money worth 330 Million Dollar in a yearly turn over (approx). After, the military incident in Laddakh, New Delhi had been firm determined to take actions against Beijing.

China is showing crocodile tears and crying on international laws of information exchange/trade. But, In fact while maximum apps from other countries have no entry in Chinese life. Even Google search engine , Facebook and other social media apps have no entry in Dragon economy. There are other chinese apps which are similar to these software. For example BAIDU is a popular search engine which engage around 3/4rth market share in China. In same way other social media apps are only available to chinese people.

Complete List of 59 Chinese Apps

S.N.Name of Apps
4UC Browser
6YouCam makeup
7Mi Community
8CM Browers
9Virus Cleaner
10Baidu map
12Clash of Kings
13DU battery saver
15APUS Browser
17Club Factory
19Beutry Plus
21UC News
22QQ Mail
25QQ Music
27Bigo Live
29Mail Master
30Parallel Space
31Mi Video Call (Xiaomi)
33ES File Explorer
34Viva Video (QU Video Inc)
36Vigo Video
37New Video Status
38DU Recorder
39Vault- Hide
40Cache Cleaner (DU App studio)
41DU Cleaner
42DU Browser
43Hago Play With New Friends
44Cam Scanner
45Clean Master (Cheetah Mobile)
46Wonder Camera
47Photo Wonder
48QQ Player
49We Meet
50Sweet Selfie
51Baidu Translate
53QQ International
54QQ Security Center
55QQ Launcher
56U Video
57V fly Status Video
58Mobile Legends
59DU Privacy

In other words, Dragon uses rules and regulations which favours its growth and economy and opposes other activities. Therefore we can conclude that it have no royalty and faithfulness. The world is still facing its brutal and kiling Chinese virus.

In every aspect, Be aware of China

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