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COVID 19 had been proved as an epidemic for the world. Every human being is afraid of it. We are in our home. Nothing is out there more important than our lives. We are in between our family members after such a long time. It seems everything is paused out there. No transport, no railways, no meeting, no ceremony, no social gathering, even no work together in office. This is impact of virus named as Covid 19 : Corona.

Actually we have to consider major effect of this epidemic on every aspect of our life. During late of December-19 when we get news of start of Covid-19, we were not even bothered about it and no one imagined for today scenario. China is already well known for its suspicious activity and deeds. We do not get any proper news about it. What we get only after filtration and nodding from their officials which are not reliable and show one side of story. So, After getting news of a new virus, we took it lightly and moved further for our daily chores.

WHO Guidelines

Frankly, we can not blame our self also, as matter of fact WHO was assuring for non-contagious disease. The world believed on this fact and continued all activities and transactions. After mid of Jan 2020, world reliased its heat and some precautions was taken in account. But flights and other transport activities was continued and things presumed normal during all activities.

After Mid Feb-20, it starts its impacts on European and American countries. Even then, no major action taken by any of such countries. All of sudden death of people was flashing on news and we were enjoying it casually. Govt officials was worrying a little and some action were being in place. Some of them started old blame game to be on safer side as per human tendency.

March 20, it hit us hard. Death of people increased rapidly, we started taking it seriously. But, Alas ! It had been late now. A major amount pressure hit to life support and para-medical system. Some of country, which were more open to China in field of Business and corporate sector, took the first hit.

Use of PPE and Precaution

Use of PPE and Precaution

We were learning about importance of PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) in Medical terms. Everyone was rushing to purchase Mask, gloves, sanitizer, liquid soap etc. We were learning new terms and guideline during that time on daily basis. World Economy started to facing decrement.

April 20, A bad dream came true like a horror movie of life. Deaths per day was hitting new records. Medical system was pushed to corner in many country and human activity was paused. Emergency declared in some of that country and government imposed curfew in affected area . All precautionary and strict actions were taken to stop this contagious disease.


Now, we are stuck in our home. Everyone is afraid of this virus and facilitating social distancing from one an other. Economy lock down and curfew is imposed in many country. But we had faced many catastrophe in past and never exhausted. Nature teaches us a lesson as a mother and we must accept it.

We hope for a bright morning when this shadow will be override by light and things will be back to normal. Human will surely learn from its past and will never be repeated in future.

With Best Wishes !!

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