China character : Is dragon starting world war ?

China character : Is dragon starting world war ?
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Time change but character remains same ! this is a perfect line for human being. History had been witnessed for having a villain in every era. After cold war between America and Russia in 19th century, world was taking sigh of relief. But this peace could not last longer. China related recent incidents are pointing that Dragon might be igniting again world war.After the cold war, Disruption of Russia was a resultant of that destruction. Polarization of power shifted towards another giant player in this game. China came in spotlight having a backup of bigger economic growth and power. This Asian giant started galloping smaller one with help of its Credit Imperialism policy .

This Asian monster grew up rapidly with help of industrialization and low labour cost. In last decade, many fortune companies invested here with a temptation of low cost production. This multiplied with passing of time, this country became main villain of present scenario, who believes only in power.

One belt one road was another Ambitious project of this country, in which half of the word was proposed to be connected through a road. This will make trade more simplify and quicker with a lower cost. This dream caught eyes of European countries too.

Cunning character

The world had been addicted to China product now. Everything was going great as expected and planned by this cunning character.

Outbreak of COVID-19

This virus started from a Chinese laboratory situated in Wuhan city of China. But no information or details shared by Dragon to whole world. In Jan 20, Covid-19 virus starts its pray now. All of a sudden, whole world shocked and starts counting on dead body of their citizen. Daily, nos of death hit new records and everyone starts pointing on this black sheep.

But as a surprise, WHO came in between and declares China a victim. It gets more suspicious when WHO praises Dragon with no bound for taking full control over this virus with required actions.

European countries along with USA and Australia pointed out this issue in front of WHO and asked full site inspection. As expected, Dragon changed its colour and denied for the same.

Dragon felt in social grip from world and changed its plan of diversion. Now a days, Indo-China border issue got a breaking news in world media. At the same time, an old faithful neighbour Nepal starts its border issue with india.

But Dragon is not finished here, it has a new plan of action and starts new military flash point against Japan. China sent its ships near Tokyo controlled Senkaku island in east China sea. Japan has a treaty with USA which binds USA to take military action against the offending country to Tokyo. That means, China is aiming USA in an indirect manner. The world had been facing consequences of America-China trade war.

In final wording, we have to conclude that China’s character is not faithful to world and every one must be aware of it.

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