Top Domain providers for website

Top Domain providers for website
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In modern technology age, everyone is tempting for his business online. Being it blog, business or personnel use, we have to create a website. But first thing first, we have to find a suitable domain for the same. Domain is actually your web address which actually like your home address. It is stored in some central database. Domain registrar save your information with ICANN. For this address we have to register with Domain providers. Here we have to pay to them a certain amount at a regular interval. Let us have a look at top 5 Domain providers for website.



This domain registrar was launched in 2000 and a big player in domain market. You can fond “.com” worth $ 9.99 and “.net” in $ 12.99. Here you can find new domain extensions like “.garden” and more. It allows to accommodate extension based on your new idea which seems really exciting here. So here the deal, just think a new name which best suits you and just get domain accordingly.

2.) Go Daddy

Go daddy is a big name in Indian market and aggressively capturing more share with its marketing strategy. It is claiming “.com” extension with just Rs 199 which seems very cheap. But things are much more complicated when you start shopping here. A list of products are attached which flue your money more than thought. But of course, Go daddy is a reliable brand here and you can trust on its domain services.

This company stretching its feet in many fields but domain is its primary business which you will find after using its services.

Go Daddy
Go Daddy

3.) Name Cheap

Name cheap really a good one in fiels of domain providers You can find “.com” domain in just Rs 527/year. After using this service, I observe that there is no hidden fee here and renewal rate is also not hiked all of a sudden. In fact we found its services very satisfactorily and using it from last some years.

Name cheap
Name cheap

4.) Blue Host

Blue host is most recommended web hosting service provider by word press community. It is beginner friendly and easy to use. Plans are cheap and rather fast service. you can rely on blue star blindly.

Blue Host
Blue Host

5.) Host Gator

Our top 5 domain service providers list can not be completed without Host gator. This company is one of the cheapest service providers in India and well known. You can figure out why ! just look at its plan and after comparison with other service providers you will get the point.

Host Gator
Host Gator

We should be aware that we have to purchase a hosting plan where website data is stored and serve to user when domain is called. Actually when we enter domain in the browser, then browser send a request to Domain registrar to connect with hosting IP address. The information stored on this IP address is returned against to the request sent by user. Now website is loaded on browser and visible to user with all information. One more point is remarkable here and is known as speed. The speed of website is actually total time in which website loads after user request with above process.

So top 5 domain providers list will help you to decide your domain provider for website.

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