Coronavirus: Trump blames WHO as ‘puppet’ of China

Coronavirus: Trump blames WHO as ‘puppet’ of China
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World politics are changing rapidly as Corona virus is crushing human being. World Health Organization activity seems full of China Biased. In recent press conference US president, Trump called WHO as ‘Puppet of China’. As of now whole world is victim of Coronavirus, WHO always praises China in each manner. We know clearly that Covid-19 is a contagious disease and threat to mankind. This breakthrough from China’s Wuhan city. But WHO has shut his eyes and mouth in this.

Trump, who had been offensive to WHO and China about wrong information about COVID-19. This virus had infected more than 4.5 million people and about 3 lacks had died of this attack. Trump further added that US has been providing approx 450 million dollar to WHO in 2019. While WHO was having budget of 6 billion dollar. He pointed out that China was only contributing only 40 Million dollar. Such amount of money must not fund to this China-centric organization.

World’s top countries view and China

In the assembly, European countries, Australia and New Zealand etc was asking for an inquiry about this outbreak epidemic.

WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had became dice of game where two world economic giants are facing each other.

On the other hand, Chinese president Xi Jinping, is not reacting much on this cold war. He is strongest leader in China after Mayo. Mr. Jinping is President of China since 2013. He said that China is following all guidelines and transparency. In spite of so many issues, China never allows any inquiry and audits from outside agency or other countries. Wuhan Lab is also in doubt as no one allowed to enter there.

At first look, Dragon seems suspicious about this epidemic. China is not a trustworthy one due to its imperialism. Many neighbour are suffing from this Asian giant. Taiwan and Hong Kong are major victim of this policy.

Again, trade war between China and US is drastically affecting world economy. Many billionaires want to shift their investments from China to other location. But world is already addicted to Chinese cheap material and product.

Because of favoring Dragon after all such issues ,Trump is calling WHO as Puppet of China.

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