Donald Trump offers to mediate : India-China border dispute

Donald Trump offers to mediate : India-China border dispute
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After a ling time, again two major Asian power have come closer facing each other. The dispute arises after construction of road from Indian Army inside their area near Indo-China border. This caused pain in Chinese arrogance and reaction came from other side. China asked his army to be in alert mode as it seems Sovereignty to Dragon. India was firm determined and clear about its deed and vision. Both powers came nearer to each one facing eye to eye. This became a major incident in world politics and Superpower came in focus. On Tuesday,US president Donald Trump offered to mediate in escalating issue of India-China border dispute.

Trump had tweeted that he is ready to mediate only if both countries are ok with it. However no reaction came from India or China regarding to this tweet.After one day United Nations had also asked both countries to pass the vents. Chinese officials had said that both country are here to help each other in many ways not to face each other.

Same type of incident happened in Doklam some time back where both armies camped against each other. This type of issue arises after a long time since Indo China war. China was having construction of roads and other infrastructure with encroachment in Indian territory. Indian army resisted and dispute started.

Dragon’s Mind game


On the other side, Dragon always plays mind game everywhere before it comes in light. This Asian giant had already put forward Nepal as his pawn against India. Media overlooked, Kalapani issue was result of it. According to sources, China sent troops for creating hindrance and diversion to act of Indian army. Even news channel reported that Chinese troops attacked with random things like stones but Indian army only defended.

World is familiar with Chinese Credit Imperialism policy where china throws its excessive credit limit to the pray and encroachment policy where it starts to make sensitive activity on border. Being Asian Giant, many country avoids to face it directly and lose some of their demographic area to it.

China is actually not only a threat to its neighbors but to world. At present scenario, world is facing major causalities and other consequences caused by COVID-19.

According to specialists, China being world factory never want to lose such a big consumer market as India. Also world is looking at Dragon with a Suspicious sight now a days. So there are least probability of escalation of this India-China border dispute.

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