Teens use apps to keep secrets ?

Teens use apps to keep secrets ?
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Teens are getting more involved on digital platform. Cellphone seems necessary by these days. Thing are normal and you can not avoid things. Every steps on digital platform makes it more complexity in life. Teens are fond of it. During this transition period of life, Teenagers are very sensitive. You can not blame them for it. They never want to share all these things even to closer one. So they get a way for it. However Many parents thinks that Teens use apps to keep their secrets also which is very handy with help of lot of apps.


In recent news we get a shocking news about Boys Locker room stuff. It shook our head and is unavoidable. Teens make their own place on phone on different platform which is not easy to track without proper expertise.

Every one is having secret here which is common in human. We do not want to share our favorite thing with our sibling in our childhood. We seek some separate place to hide it. But sometimes caught there. This habit gets more complex with passing of time in life. Teens may get attracted in some destructive way and they never want to share this to anyone.

So guys, here we need to focus on their activity and seek help in case of expertise if any irregular behavior found there. Do not wait to waste time here. We should monitor and check for installed apps in settings. But all thing must go with a friendly nature not showing some interrogative nature.

We know that he will learn things with time so do not over-force them. It will spoil things.

Let them enjoy their this span of life also !

Ayansh Seth