Boys Locker Room : Planning of Rape is dam serious crime

Boys Locker Room : Planning of Rape is dam serious crime
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A news of Delhi school Boys involvement in crime shook all parents and Education industry. Parents avail internet and multimedia phone to minor expecting to use for their study and other project work. But they often do not bother about its misuse and tracking. Here we are discussing about a chat group which was created on Instagram which is a well known social media platform. This group was created by minor on Instagram “Boys Locker Room” . In which they were planning for rape which is such a dam serious crime.

How Shameful ! what a garbage mind ! If future of this country are thinking in this way, you can imagine the consequences further. Student of reputed schools are thinking like criminal, they are planning in such a destructive way you can’t even imagine. Responsibility in such cases must be imposed at a serious note. In the same news it was also confirmed that same type of group was created by girls also which was named as “Girls Locker Room”. So, we can say its not just boys but girls are also being involved in such type of irresponsible behavioral issues.

Warm Blood : Student Life

Student Life
Student Life

IT cell had arrested Admin of the former chat group. This group was created and added member by fake ID so that no track of the culprit can be traced. These day, our education system is focusing only on subjective and outdated syllabus where everyone must be on top to be on priority list. So, all average student want to get success by hook or crook.

Today, in such a fast life, every parents make pressure on student to be on top otherwise they feel inferior complexity. Warm blood is learning every bit, be it constructive or destructive. If they can not be constructive which take a lot of effort. Its easy to go to be destructive for which you get help of internet and Media.

Social Media in Youth Life

Social Media
Social Media

Here, comes Social media in light, and shows a daydreaming. Therefore, makes you feel that you are king of your own virtual world which can be created according to your thoughts. You get a virtual social world where you get companion who also thinks in same way. in other words, you get friends “Your Type”. Now you have to get an aim to point at. Here you get your friends involved as they also thinks same way.

These are main reason why our youths are getting wrong direction as no parents/guide available there on their friend list or social platform. These points must be consider by parents and Educational authority to get proper solution for current issue.

In India, it is being common these days that all member of home are involved in their social activity and missing their responsibility which are important more than virtual friend.

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