Should we Switch OFF RCCB in place of MCB for daily operation ?

Should we Switch OFF RCCB in place of MCB for daily operation ?
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When we generally ask person, why you switch OFF RCCB in place of MCB for all equipment. One of a simple answer “It make all equipment OFF with a single work while we have to make MCB in off condition seperately for daily operation or uses. Is it a correct method ? we will discuss in this post.


At first, we have to focus at functioning of circuit breakers which was already discussed in one of our previous post ( RCCB vs ELCB vs Isolator ). There we have discussed about working of commonly used breakers in wiring. Basic function of RCCB is completely different than MCB.

RCCB is used for safety precautions in a circuit where MCB is used for tripping circuit in case of overload, short circuit. But normaly, people misjudge and override this concept.

Let us have an scenario

Think of an example, where operator is just using RCCB for just sake of time of and work. over a time period it gets little faulty. One day while operating RCCB he gets a shock and we have no protection here. It is a critical situation where we have to educate operator for basic functioning of devices/equipment. It will make RCCB mechanical life shorter and arc quenching property may affect its basic functionality during any safety hazards.

We install different parts for different work role and Switch Off and On operation is major part of any electrical circuit. We know that all computer and similar devices are based on this operations only. So, be careful for this operation and never take it lightly. RCCB, MCB are part of it .


While on the other hand, we can switch off MCB and it had no such critical human safety concern. It will help us to sustain breakers more efficiently/effectively. In a effective wiring planning, MCB is covered with extra layers of MCCB and isolators.

At the end we must be sure what should we switch OFF RCCB or MCB.

Here, one more thing to be noticed that rating of breaker and equipments must be well designed and implemented.

Hope, we had understand point of concern on this topic.

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