Drones being used to monitor Lockdown

Drones being used to monitor Lockdown
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“Necessity is mother of invention” seems true in today Scenario. While the world is facing major epidemic attack from COVID-19. People are afraid of Corona virus to their life. National and State Government had imposed complete Lockdown. Police and Local authorities are strengthened with new rule and regulations. During this period , some of Chaotic are not following these Law and Order. People seems not taking it seriously. They Gather here and there for regular activities. In these conditions, Drones being used to monitor Lockdown by Police and Local Authorities.

Working Principle of Drone

Drones are basically motorized device, in which air balancing is done with help of several motors. In this, generally four motors are installed in four different directions. By using law of Aerodynamics, we have to lift the structure with help of difference of air pressure. This Air pressure is different at upside to downside of structure by using motorized fans. Nor there is two final forces working at Drone. The first is upward lifting force and other is weight of machine. Speed of motor is controlled through a remote control which will be in user’s hand.

In fact, Camera is an essential part of drone. It requires a good quality with wide angle. In other features it requires low power consumption, light weight and robust. Actually, we are much dependent on Camera so best quality is much appreciated.

Benefits of using Drones

  1. Police can control it from a far location. It will help in social distancing.
  2. Drone had a wider range of sight than a man.
  3. Drone can go in the sky without obstacle in path rather than on ground
  4. It can capture pics or video of people as a record.
  5. The machine can go upside of dense market or lane without physical presence and easily catch the culprits.
  6. Police can avoid direct contact with people.

Finally we can say that drones are really a good choice to monitor people activity during Lockdown period. Governments must use more technology for saving time, life and manpower. We can save more life without physically presence at required place.

Ayansh Seth


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