Liquor : Alcohol : India run after

Liquor : Alcohol : India run after
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In India, after a long period, Govt officials allowed to open liquor shop. People grab the opportunity like world is going to end. A long Queue in front of Alcohol shop shows a clear picture of alcoholic India. People run after it and hurried to get maximum stocks with them, they want to fulfill their long time desire during this lock down period. Govt had to apply Police force to get it organised in a queue with proper distancing to avoid contact with one an other.

Present scenario is dissolving the precautionary action taken by central and state Govt. People, who were overwhelming with their knowledge during action of Govt against COVID-19 Corona. Most of them could be seen in long Queue in front of Liquor shop to get some alcohol without bothering about social distancing.

Liquor allowed in Indian States

People Queue

Because of having no income and high expenditure, Many state government choose an easy way to fill the empty treasure. During FY 18, Indian consumed Liquor worth Rs 10,000 Crore. Liquor business is a major source of income for state govt. We can see that people are purchasing more Liquor than normal day even Govt had imposed more excise duty and taxes.

Gujrat and Bihar are two major state where liquor is banned and focus on other income of sources rather than going on this path. This seems a good initiative as no such Queue can be seen in these state during such catastrophe condition caused by COVID-19 Corona virus which is a contagious disease.

Chhalkae Jaam

“Chhalkaye Jaam, Ayiye apki Ankho ke naam Ontho ke naam”, “O Sharabi Kya Sharabi”,”Abhi Jinda hoon Je lene do, Bhari barsaat me peen lene do”, “Haan han Main Alcoholic hoon”, “Jaam se Jaam takrayega”. All above songs are about Liquor which had been added in Evergreen Songs. Liquor Lobby is a very strong business Lobby. Today, in almost all films have some scene about liquor which exaggerate about it. People bindly believe it and follow it to show themselves in mainstream. Different brand name shows their class and status.

Like if you are u are an introductory member, just consume Beer. After some time you can get yourself in Vodka, Rum, Brandi etc. For any happy occassion champagne will be consumed showing as a high class member. So, people had make up their mind according to brand and taste. Some of them use Cocktail, which have more than one Liquor at the same time.

So guys, Jeete raho and Peete Raho 🤣

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