Vizag Gas Leak : Refreshing memory of Bhopal gas tragedy

Vizag Gas Leak : Refreshing memory of Bhopal gas tragedy
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An accident reported in Andra Pradesh state, where Gas leaked from LG Polymer plant in Vijag. Major causalities reported according to Govt officials. 11 death reported till now while hundreds of people admitted in nearby hospital. Many of us have not forgotten Bhopal Gas Tragedy which occurred on 2-3 December, 1984 at Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant. It is considered one of the world’s worst Industrial incident.

However, unlike old days, we get a proper support from our Govt and official with such a rapid action. According to the News channels, Vizag Gas leak incident situation is under control now. However people are afraid of it. “How plant was allowed to operate in village ?”. This question is still unanswered. Plant was supposed to be situated at a safe location. Visakhapatnam had faced many incident and natural calamities in past also. Andhra Pradesh is situated at coastal region of India.

Incident Location

This incident occurred in LG Polymer plant which is situated in RR Venkatpuram Village, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. People reported that it started with burning in eyes,suffocation and choking issue. Some were fainted while others were running here and there. After information , Police, para-medical and disaster management team took immediate action. Whole village was evacuated and search started from Door to door. All team had shown better management and coordination at this time.

Prime Minister Tweet
Prime Minister Tweet

Our prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modiji had shown their grief at Twitter for affected people He assured for every possible help from Center Govt. Honorable president and other major leaders inquired about this incident and provide assurance at their end.

Amit Shah's Tweet
Amit Shah’s Tweet


Of course, we can not stop such incident but it can be minimized with proper precautionary actions and measures. Our officials have to be more careful in such cases. In today life, we should be in main stream of industrialization. But industrial development should not be at this cost.

Hoping we will learn the lesson, and things will not be repetitive in future.

As per latest updates, Styrene gas leaked again today in form of white fumes. As a precautionary measure, Area of 2 KM radius had been evacuated by officials.

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