Chinese Credit Imperialism policy : Dragon Monster

Chinese Credit Imperialism policy : Dragon Monster
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In modern age, it is not a easy way just to attack on targeted state and claim completely. China found a way to provide credit to his neighbouring country with some strategically modified guidelines. Never reminds them in between the time period. The borrower takes it granted and misses the amount. So, here plan comes in light with absolute execution. Chines loan are surprisingly covered by an important national asset. Dragon can go in destructive way to make Chinese credit imperialism policy successful.

Dragon asks borrower not to worry about debt but to provide their permission to use limited ground for some economic activity as a collateral damage. Victim country had no option but to agree on new terms and conditions imposed by lender.

Of course, Dragon expose its excessive credit to borrower. As a result any one can be tricked easily. So let us have some live example in present scenario.

Hambantota port in Srilanka

Dock on port : Chinese Credit Imperialism policy

We had seen same strategy in Srilanka’s Hambantota port. In 2017-18, Srilanka was in tightly caught in the jaw of this Asian giant. China always incourage its company to bid for such assets which are really has an important place. As a result, Srilanka Government handed over this port to China for 99 years on lease. This port is geographically situated in Indian ocean and economic routes for many countries are available at this port.

African Countries

Generally Africa is known as a poorest one among the world. So Dragon aimed here too which seems a easy one for this giant. Chinese companies invested billion dollar in infrastructure project here. Day dreaming about Employment, foreign investment and sudden boost in economy make African countries as easy pray. China used its well known debt-trap policy here too.

Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia and Malaysia

Dragon strategically powered its Credit imperialism in both countries even without really coming face to face. This cunning one just invested billions in mega projects there and pray had no option but to watch to drain own blood day by day.

USA had always opposing this cunning strategy on every instances. Indian, Australia and Japan etc had been facing this issue too around their territory. They have stated that China is making their own policy according to them. World had already facing consequences of Trade war between America and China .

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