Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How will I create a Account ?

Please Click on Account tab in menu on the upmost location. Click on “Register” tab and fill required details for account creation.


How can I “Log in” without acount creation ?

Yes, you can “Log in” with your “Google” or “Linkedin” account by clicking on “Log in” button in Menu.

Should I “Log in” for submiission of comments ?

No, Currently you need not to “Log in” for comment submission

I have submitted comments but not showing ?

All comments are currently being approved only after its content approval. No offensive,harmful of misleading content will be approved,

I want to contact site admin, How can I do it ?

Please refer to our Footer Menu and click on “Contact Us” tab and fill required details.

I want to submit content and post but unable to do ?

This facility is not available but will update soon for this. You can share feedback or contact us .

I am unable to access “Services” page, it is showing Authorization issue ?

Please “Log in” with current User role. For Specific User role, please contact us or provide your valuable Feedback. 

We are getting other issue ?

please contact us or provide your valuable Feedback.