Amit Shah’s letter to Mamta Banerjee and health of Amit Shah

Amit Shah’s letter to Mamta Banerjee and health of Amit Shah
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Mamta Banerjee, chief minister of West Bengal has always an opposing nature to central Government. She need no reason to be in opposition. We really have no positive news from West Bengal since long time. In recent case, Home minister Amit Shah had addressed new issue regarding West Bengal state Govt. Amit Shah had sent a letter to Mamta Banerjee stating that West Bengal Government is not allowing train in their state for migrant workers. In other news, News of poor health of Amit Shah was trending on social media.

News About Letter to Mamta Banerjee

Didi Mamta Banerjee

In first NEWS, it is confirmed that Amit Shah has addressed issue of migrant worker. In the letter, Mr. Amit Shah clearly said that West Bengal Govt (Mamta Banerjee) is doing injustice with their own people. In Aurangabad train accident, Migrant workers were dead who were run over by train. It was clearly declared that no passenger or express train available for transport. Migrant workers had no idea about freight trains and slept over on the tracks. This accident really broke many hearths.

Mamta Banerjee, 8th chief of West Bengal was elected in 2011. West Bengal were fed up from Left front and political chair turned to Trnamool Congress party. She is the founder of Trinamool Congress and first lady as a chief Minister of West Bengal. Bengali Had declared him as “Didi”. But, She is opposing central Government since 2014, after BJP came in power. She seems crying baby over spilt milk , who have no way to work properly. Didi grab every way just to face against central Government.

News about health of Amit Shah

This News is related to our Home Minister, Amit Shah‘s heath. This news was declared fake news by Amit Shah himself. The news was spread through social media platforms specially from “Twitter” . Amit Shah cleared all things about this fake news on Twitter. Ahamdabad crime branch police arrested 4 culprits about this fake news. IT cell tracked their IP address and caught them. All criminals were using fake ID from social media.

Amit Shah's Tweet
Amit Shah’s Tweet

Let us hope that political leader should avoid their personal grudge on national topics so that things will be smooth further.

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